In this section we present some of the resources we use in the TEEN ZONE platform. You can use the ready materials or create your own.


Kahoot is a free platform, where you can create online games. To play the games, you need a projector and at least one mobile device. Teachers and students can create games or find ones created by other people. Teachers use the website  https://getkahoot.com/. They start each game on a computer, connected to a projector. To play a game, students enter the website https://kahoot.it and add the pin generated automatically each time. The teacher starts the game for each class.

To create your own game, you can use online videos on how to create a Kahoot game, or the presentation http://goo.gl/DV4qbA.

A disadvantage of the Kahoot game is that the questions are seen only on the projector, not on the students’ devices.


LearningApps is a web 2.0 tool to support learning. Teachers and students can create various modules and share them online with other people. They can be used in class or to practice vocabulary and grammar at home.


This website offers a great variety of song accompanied with lyrics and gap filling exercises at different language levels. This YouTube video will help you use the website https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ez6t1F70H7w


Quizizz is a free online platform similar to Kahoot, but there are some differences. To use it the teachers need to register. The game is played on the computer and the students need mobile devices – tablets or phones. To create a game, teachers can use a ready game, created by a colleague or to make a new game themselves. Teachers use the website  https://quizizz.com/, shows the game on a projector and decide when to start it. To play the game, students go to the website http://join.quizizz.com, enter a pin generated automatically for each game, write their name and choose an avatar.

To create a new game, you can find tutorials online or contact the authors of TEEN ZONE.

The main difference between Kahoot and Quizizz is that in Quizizz students see the questions on their screens.


Quizlet is a free platform for creating vocabulary games and exercises. To use the platform, teachers need to register.  Students can study new words with flash cards, games, tests and listen to how a word or sentence is pronounced. Students can create Quizlet sets themselves and publish the links to their activities in the social media for their classmates to do. There is a timer in the platform, so there may be a competition between participants.

In Quizlet there is a section for teachers with detailed instructions on how to create sets and register students in order to follow their achievements.